TLink Management Team

TLink was founded in 2013 by former competitive collegiate golfers looking to make the game more accessible, affordable and enjoyable for everyone. This started by releasing the lowest cost, highest value golf watch on the market along with a free golf GPS app. The $99 TLink watch brought the joy and convenience of wearable technology to tens of thousands of golfers that could not justify the high price tag of other comparable products. This allowed our team to not only provide great technology to these individual golfers but also to corporations through our custom program.

One of the greatest joys of having TLink technology is building a community of golfers who are always looking for value. As a result, we have expanded our TLink brand to continue doing just that. While our centerpiece remains the TLink GPS Golf Watch, we have now expanded our TLink brand to include an online store offering the best online golf equipment deals to our community. Offering our community discounts on over 1300 products from the world’s top brands is yet another way of making the game more affordable and accessible.

The game of golf is what we love, and that is what we strive to do every day at TLink 🙂